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Reasons To trukPLEASE

Get a Truk on Demand

With the press of a button someone with a truck comes to help get your items to exactly where you need them.

No Cash No Hassle

Never worry about having the exact change, pay seamlessly through the APP with your favorite trusted merchants.

Track your Package

With real time gps, you will be able to see where your driver is with your items at all times.

Can you handle it?

With the item preview feature, you will be able to upload a snapshot of your items to the driver to ensure that their vehicle can handle your load.

So, How was it?

With driver rating, you will be able to help make sure you receive the 5-star experience that you deserve.

We are here when you need us

With hundreds of drivers available in our serviced areas, there is always a truk available when you need one.

Excited to trukPLEASE

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Kaila Davis Little Rock, AR-

My boyfriend and I are in the process of possibly moving during the winter months, so of course we would need trukPLEASE during this time. Who would want to wait a few days to get their furniture in their new living space waiting on the store and/or family members vehicles! Ahhhhh, s00000 trukPLEASE, please?!

Oravee Williams Little Rock, AR

trukPLEASE would be perfect for me because I have a very tiny fiat. Anytime I have to get materials and equipment for my spa I have to wait on my husband and if he is too busy I have to wait too long and I will just change my mind on the item. Now I will be able shop with no worry! trukPLEASE is an Awesome Idea!